Steps to self-empowerment

26 May

Empowerment is one of those ideas that is simple enough to define, but much more difficult to achieve.  Some days it can feel like everyone and everything is conspiring to keep you stuck in an unhappy, “nowhere” place in your life, both literally and figuratively.  

No matter how things seem to be going in your life at the current moment, it is always a perfect time to start taking the steps you need to live a full, happy and successful life.  You even get to determine your own definition of success and what it means to be empowered!

# 1.  Begin by EVALUATING how you feel about yourself and your life as it currently is.  (A life coach can help you with this.) # 2.  Next DECIDE that your mental and physical well-being is worth nurturing and protecting. # 3.  ENGAGE in self-esteem and confidence building activities.  For instance, improve your self-esteem by becoming knowledgeable about ways to protect yourself both mentally and physically. # 4.  EVALUATE the ways that you undermine and devalue yourself, the COUNTERACT them, vehemently!! #5.  ELIMINATE exposure to (to the extent that you can) or set firm boundaries with “toxic” people in your life.  Toxic people are those who devalue you, undermine you, try to control you, or try to keep you “stuck” when you need/want to move forward.  An example of a toxic person might be a boyfriend or husband who sabotages a healthy eating plan you are trying to follow due to his own insecurities.

#6.  LEARN TO DEFEND YOUR PHYSICAL SELF by taking a self-defense course.  Other ways to defend our physical well-being are to begin or continue a consistent exercise plan and eating healthier.  The stronger and fitter we are, the more self-confident we feel and look. #7.  LEARN TO DEFEND YOURSELF MENTALLY.  Start saying “NO” and setting firm boundaries with people who want to take advantage of you.  If there is an area in your life that creates stress for you, deal with it!  This may mean seeking help for depression, anxiety, addictive behavior, relationships, etc. #8.  INVEST IN YOUR EDUCATION.  This could mean taking a night class, correspondence course, or enrolling in an on-line degree program.  It can also mean learning more about a topic that you are interested in (who knows, it could become part of a new career path for you) or a subject that you need to make an important decision around. #9.  TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE.  Take an honest look at your current financial status and determine what steps you need to take to become more independent

Financially.  Are you an impulse shopper and need to find ways that help you curb this desire?  Are you attempting to fill an emotional void with “stuff”?  Are you a slave to saving and the need for security to the point that you do not allow yourself to do or buy things that you would enjoy now?  Do you need to find a balance between these two proclivities?  Do you need to develop a budget to keep yourself on track?  Does someone else control your finances? #10.  After taking all, or even some of the steps above, RE-EVALUATE how you feel about yourself.  Enjoy your increased sense of empowerment and self-worth.  You've earned it through your hard work and belief that you are, indeed, worth nurturing and protecting!

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